The Australian Book of Atheism

The Australian Book of Atheism, edited by Warren Bonett, is an exciting new book due for release in November. The book contains a series of short essays from writers such as Michael Bachelard, Dr Leslie Cannold, Robyn Williams, Lyn Allison, Tim Minchin, and Dr Philip Nitschke

The book answers questions such as, ‘Does prayer have a place in Parliament? Should ‘creation science’ be taught in Australian schools? Is atheism maligned in political debate? Will Australia’s future be godless?’

Scribe Publishing has generously offered all SoAP club members a 10% discount with a possible 30% discount if 20 orders are placed. The full retail price is $35. To indicate your interest please send an email to indicating whether you are willing to purchase the book at 10% or only at the 30% discounted rate, along with your contact details. Your name will be added to an order list and you will be contacted to confirm your desire purchase the book before the order is placed.


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