Another year, another AGM. Also, trivia!

Hey everyone!

Thank you to all who attended our AGM this past Wednesday. It was good to see such high attendance at this important event for our little group.

A new board was elected unopposed, they are as follows:

President: Joel Tann
Vice-President: Angus Thomsen
General Secretary: Stephanie Waller
Treasurer: Tim Saunders

We also voted in a new constitution to replace our old SoAP one, which had become something of a lost relic of a bygone era.

Our scheduled meeting for the 20th of August has now been cancelled, and instead we will be going as a group to the Riverview Tavern on Tuesday the 21st for drinks and pub trivia night. All are welcome to come along for what should be a really fun social event.

See you there!


AGM and Laser Skirmish

It’s that time of year again…

That’s right, the Annual General Meeting of the JCU Humanists is just around the corner. This coming Wednesday the 8th, at 7PM, in building 23, room 4, we will be meeting to elect a new board, vote on an updated constitution, update our membership list, and basically sort out everything that needs to be sorted out to keep the group running well.

Free food will be provided, so there is actually an incentive to come! We’ll also be heading to the uni club after the meeting for some good talks and cold beers.

We also have a social event planned for the night of Monday the 6th – we will be playing Laser Skirmish at Kingpin starting at 7PM. Cost is $30 per person and that gives you unlimited access to bowling and laser tag all night. If you can let us know either by email or on our Facebook page if you’re planning to go that would be great, just do we have an idea of how many people to expect. Hope to see you there!