News Media Bias

We have strived to make JCU Humanists a more professional and known society of JCU, with the poster for our upcoming talk looking a magazine, we are achieving this. Thanks to Joel Tann, our former president, for his skills. Let us live up to this standard by coming along and contributing to our biggest meeting yet! We need 2 – 3 more people who will lead 15 minute segments, it is not hard, in fact, it can be fun! We are keen to hear your thoughts on this issue, send me a message at Invite your friends! media-bias


A brief summary of the Interfaith lunch, 11/03/2015

A fellow philosophy/faith- related discussion group held a lunch yesterday on the topic of whether or not God continues to be relevant to modern Australia. The turn out was modest, yet the conversation was still thought-provoking, and it was good to have a small representation from the JCU Humanists! Here is a piece I wrote for the day, anyone who wants a 2 page essay on God and Australia, here it is! Keen to hear your thoughts! Is God still relevant to modern Australia